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Residential water repair Bellingham

If your monthly water bill has increased or if you see water surfacing in your yard, call now and Bellingham Excavating will provide the absolute best quality of service and repair possible and we won’t cut corners to get the job done. If you’d like us to make the repair on an hourly rate, we can do that, or provide you with a firm bid. If you need the line replaced we won’t keep charging you money to make continuous repairs to a damaged waterline that’s in need of full replacement, we’ll stop work, communicate with you and get you the right quote for the job at hand and get right back to work to get you up and running in an efficient and professional manner that you can count on every time you have a waterline issue. Bellingham Excavating will get the job done right and won’t leave your pockets or your waterline losing flow. Call now for a free quote!

Waterline PVC repair in Bellingham
Water line spot repair in Bellingham Washington